What a foolish charade: who does McCain think he's fooling? He's chosen a running mate solely because he thinks he can win over the Hillary votes. Sarah Palin is an NRA backing, reactive, small-time, right winger. She does not have a compassionate spirit. Ask her constituency.

Maybe we've proven we'll vote for what we think we want to see. We have forgotten to think, speak and act with metaphorical depth. Instead we are back at one plus one equals two.

One woman is the same as any other women.

Maybe for McCain, this is true.


Joy said...

This is exciting. Thanks for the response so far. A few have written me personally. There are two from Italy. Laura Coltelli knew the name of the cassette. I will see if anyone else knows it too and will give two CD's. I'm still trying to figure out how to show comments...I set it for show comments, and it doesn't....so any advice.

Anonymous said...

I am writing from Helsinki, Finland. I teach your poetry at the University of Helsinki, would love to share it with my students. marlenemp (at) yahoo.com

Pamela said...

In response to the choice of Palin for McCain's Vp. Why hasn't it come out in the media that Palin's husband works for British Petroleum and she's given many favors to Big Oil AND she is a prime advocate of the cowardly and heinous practice of slaughtering wolves from the air.