Getting in What Kind of Shape?

I turn on the tv in the fitness room of my hotel in Norman, Oklahoma. A trailer for the movie “The Women” runs—something with Meg Ryan as someone like Meg Ryan turning into another Meg Ryan. Then, another trailer for another stupid movie, no, it’s an advertisement for Thomasville furniture. There is no seam. Each is of the same shallow weightlessness. The movie is an advertisement for the studio producing it to make money, and the trailer is literally an advertisement for the advertisement. The furniture company just wants to make money, by telling all of us watching that we will look like the beautiful people sitting on their furniture who just might be movies stars in the next take, if we buy their furniture. And all of it vibrates at the level of greed, including the absurd irony that follows: Senator John McCain running for president on a platform of no greed. Now, follow that!?

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