Raul Salinas, A Tender Warrior Has Left This Realm

I just received this notice. For sometime we knew Raul was on his way. Knowing is one state. The hole of grief-for us, and joy for the ancestors welcoming him is another process of state.
I met Raul years ago in Austin at one of the first multicultural literary events to be held in our time. He was a gentle, powerful force. We will miss him.

His most recent book, "raúl salinas and the Jail Machine: Selected Writings of raúl salinas" was published in 2006 by University of Texas Press.

"This is my world," Salinas said, "I have to navigate it. I've always combined my art, my politics, my spirituality, as part of my total being."

From: "ResistenciaBooks"
To: "Resistencia Bookstore"
Subject: "A Tender Warrior Fell Today..."
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 21:39:46 +0000

Saludos desde Resistencia Bookstore, Casa de Red Salmon Arts,

It is with great sadness we inform all of our community supporters,
comrades, familia and colegas about the passing of our elder, teacher,
father, chicanindio, and poeta revolutionario raúlrsalinas.

As you may know, for the past couple of years, raúl has been struggling with
his health. We understand that it's difficult for us to let him go, but
since the beginning of the year his health continued to be a major
challenge. Unfortunately, his body just could not take the strain and was
deteriorating at a rapid pa ce. Ev en though he has left this realm and it's a
great loss para nuestro pueblo, his spirit is strong and lives on in all of

As his family provides more information, we will share it with everyone. For
now this is just a notification of the passing of our brother. We will
notify you about where you can send condolences, flowers, and cards as we
get more information. An altar has been created in front of the bookstore
on South First St. in Austin, Texas for now. We thank everyone for their
good energy and support and prayers in this time of loss and mourning.


Rene Valdez


Poems Wanted of the American West

Many Voices Press is accepting submissions for an anthology of poets from Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Guidelines for Submissions:
— Send up to twelve poems of any length, any style, any subject matter.
— Include contact information on each poem: name, address, phone, email.
— Include a SASE for response. No manuscripts will be returned.
— Include a $10 entry fee. All entrants will receive a copy of the anthology (a $20 value). Many Voices Press is a non-profit public service organization.
— Poems in Native American languages or in Spanish must also include English translations. (We will publish both versions side-by-side.)
— Include a brief bio. (Yes, we want to know about your awards and previous publications, but please also tell us something more creative, original, and interesting about your life in the American West.)
— Poems previously published must include name of magazine, issue, and date. If the poem was previously published in a book, include title of book, publisher, and date. Important: Authors must obtain reprint rights. MVP can not pay reprint fees.
— After publication of Poets of the American West, all publication rights revert to the author.
— Include a completed Submission Data Form (attached to these guidelines or obtainable on our website ___________.)

— Send all the above materials to: Many Voices Press
Flathead Valley Community College
777 Grandview Drive
Kalispell, Montana 59901

Many Voices Press aims to publish the best poems available. Recently we published Poems Across the Big Sky (an anthology of Montana poets), which sold more than 2000 copies in less than six months. We are especially interested in new or established voices of the American West. In addition to poems in English, we are seeking poems in Native American languages or in Spanish.

What Are We Looking For? We are most interested in poems that offer original insights into historical or contemporary life in the American West. We are open to all poems of merit, regardless of style, though narrative poems accessible to a broad readership are most likely to catch our attention.
Please share this call for submissions with your fellow poets!

Poets of the American West
Submission Data Form

Name______________________________________ Date__________________

Address____________________________________ Phone_________________

__________________________________________ email__________________


Poem Titles 1.) _________________________ 2.) _________________________

3.) _________________________ 4.) _________________________

5.) _________________________ 6.) _________________________

7.) _________________________ 8.) _________________________

9.) _________________________ 10.) ________________________

11.) ________________________ 12.) ________________________

If any of the above listed poems were published previously please list magazine name, issue, date. If previously published in a book, list name of book, publisher, and date. Author must obtain reprint rights. MVP cannot pay reprint fees.






I am the author of all titles listed above and hold all rights to their publication.

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