Watcher at the Turn

Photo copyright Joy Harjo September 2009

Through the Dark

When I attempt to over reach with human reason, I cannot hear.
When I remember that I am a spirit then I have access to eternity.


NAMMY Voting/Please Vote

I have been nominated for three NAMMYs (native music awards). The winners are determined by votes, both from the advisory board and the public. My music has been nominated for: Best Female Artist; Best Song and Best World Music Recording.
Please go to http://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com/ and vote. Soon. The voting ends in a few weeks!!

Most people assume I've won for my music. I never have....I believe my band Joy Harjo and Poetic Justice holds the record for the most nominations.

Thanks for your help!!

And you'll get a chance to hear what's going on in the native music scene.

When We Lose Metaphor

When we lose metaphor, we lose our capability to dream ourselves and our descendants into beauty.

There is everyday language, and the language used to speak of that which is sacred. In our indigenous languages even the everyday was metaphorical.

We need poetry in all of its aspects.

May Sarton said: "Poetry exists to break through to below the level of reason where the angels and monsters that the amenities keep in the cellar may come out to dance, to rove and roar, growling and singing, to bring life back to the enclosed rooms where too often we are only 'living and partly living'."