Outrigger Dreams

This morning I feel myself climbing into the canoe in early morning Hawaiian waters, and those beginning strokes as the canoe and I adjust to ocean weather. It's a kind of back and forth, a call and response. Soon, we are only water and sky.



Speaking with a healer friend of mine in Alaska the other day. We got on one of our talking-discovery tracks. She gave me a good explanation of how the digestive system works. I could see each of our organs as beings with needs, loves and hates. I felt my organs leaning in to tell me what they needed. I could see that each has a personality, a need for attention because they want to function beautifully. Even the lowly colon has dignity.



Writing while listening to the guitar gods who inspire my character....
Talking with a friend who is my age. She reminded that "it's all downhill from here...." So, I thought I'd surf it. Just get in the right wave zone...and go.