Everyday I get closer to beauty.
Everyday I get closer to truth.

(from chorus of a new song: Breakup, Breakdown)

Image and lyric c Joy Harjo Mekko Productions Inc 2010

Breaking Stones, some notes for a play

Yesterday I was in a prison quarry, breaking stones.

It was the quarry inside.

I had a talkative lunch, walked a few miles, photographed and found startling images that may turn into some large pieces. Watched some stand up comedy--all this with a beautiful illusion, a man with a beating heart, shining eyes, kindness, and a muscular, kinetic presence.

Because I am in the thinking/dreaming/inventing phase of my next play, I Think I Love You, An All Night Round Dance, about romantic love, I keep scanning people in restaurants, cars, airports, to notice the shape of romantic love in their consciousness. You can see it in the body, where it lives and how it works. Some have dismissed it. Others are in the throes of it. Some are nearly broken.

Then there I was, in it, I had become my own experiment. I had built a love story. I was the only one in it. I had to break the stones of illusion so that I would not linger there. And as I walked through the day I continued to lift the hammer and break stones. I continued to break stones way past sundown.

This morning the stones are broken. There is only sunrise.


More UNM Trouble

UNM appealed the Board of New Mexico's Workforce Solution decision. The board decided in my favor. They backed me up in my difficult decision to quit UNM because of an untenable workplace situation in which I could not protect my students.

Now I may have to go to court. Now I may have to pay back $12,000 because of my decision.

As they say in Hawai'i, this is "junk".

Note: This is Still My Blog

I have a another, a joint blog with Tashi Grady Powers, an amazing astrologer. Hence, the two names. Will probably move the other blog.