Winding Through the Milky Way CONTEST WINNERS

Congratulations to the winners!!!!
I enjoyed hearing from everyone.

A new CD to the person who lives farthest away from where I am at the moment, Albuquerque, New Mexico is:
Hedwig from Manila, Philippines
For the first person to write from Oklahoma. Renate from Okmulgee
For the person who can name the cassette of my first musical, poetic endeavor. Laura Coltelli, Furious Light Denver 1986 and for Lyle Daggett because he also knew the title.

And from the drawing:

Anonymous from Rio Hondo, TX
Steve Shoemaker
Gail Ann Fagen

Please send your addresses so I can mail out your copies to: mekkopoet@earthlink.net.


renate said...

So excited! :) Sent you an e-mail

Lyle Daggett said...

Just spotted this, and have e-mailed you.

Thanks! ;~)

Robert W Gilcrease said...

I got the latest CD from Joy. She sent it, because I spoke to her on Native American Calling. It's sweet listening and just wanted to say Mvto. From the farthest north Creek.

cd said...

Can I buy a signed copy from you? xoxo

Joy said...

Yes, you can buy signed copies. Go to www.joyharjo.com. When you order please let me know it's you and you want a signed copy.