McCain's Running Mate Palin


mj said...

This is just bad judgement. When you just look at their vice presidential picks it becomes totally obvious that McCain is a politician and that he has BAD judgement.

Firstly, he picked someone that America doesn't know at all and now we have just a few short weeks to find out who this person is. He picked someone from a very rural, isolated state and someone with very polarizing views on things like abortion, creationism and etc.

I know a lot of people are saying that it's great that this woman has five kids and she is a successful leader and all of that and some people are going to think me sexist for saying this, but I AM looking at her personal life and what I am seeing is a woman with a family that really needs her right now.

Who is going to help and support her 17 year old daughter through a pregnancy and new marriage? I know what it's like to be a young mother. That girl needs her mom so much right now. So does her infant and her son that is leaving for Iraq.

I know just how hard it is to feel torn between the needs of my kids and my other responsibilities. I often feel frustrated and overwhelmed and I just have two. This does not look to me like a woman who can be what we need and what her family needs for the next four years and that McCain would pick her shows me that he doesn't have good judgement.

His is about getting votes and his own interests, more than thinking about what the country needs. I feel far more secure picking that "wet behind the ears" Senator from Illinois.

Pamela said...

I wonder how many people are aware of the facts that Sarah Palin is a one-woman ecological disaster. She took the Polar Bear off the Endangered Species list in Alaska (even the Bush Administration didn't do that!), she is an avid advocate of and is largely responsible for the heinous slaughter of wolves by hunters in airplanes, and she wants to open the Arctic National Refuge to oil drilling. She also doesn't believe that climate change is man-induced.

Anonymous said...

i think the picture says it all.

Anonymous said...

Kina' chubby for a beauty queen, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to throw up now...and then cry.


Ms Baroque said...

Anonymous, what kind of remark is that??

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Sarah Palin, but this picture is a fake.



Anonymous said...

Joy, I am surprised that you would post this picture that is a fake. Especially since this political cycle has been particular harsh on women in politics. Remember our tribe is matrilinial and we always hold respect for women in our ways. I have also checked out some of the rumors of Sara Palin and some are false and some are a two sided story. I don't agree with alot of her views but I do respect her a a woman and at least she has taken on her own party. Even her husbands Indian blood quantum is in question when he can identify his Grandmother who has served on Native Alaska boards and is a member of the tribe . I feel this whole presidential race is full of fakes including Obama who professes to be for the enviornment and he just panders to whomever he is talking to. He was in southwest Virginia trying to get votes yesterday and he said he for clean coal which there is no such thing. Take a look at the mountians that are being raped here in the beautiful mountians of Virginia. It really makes me angry that all the so called progressives have sold them selves and ideas out just to support Obama. I plan to vote Nader .