Where Are You?

Because I want to get an idea of who's out there and reading this (outside of the statistics pages and graphs), and to promote my new CD of music: Winding Through the Milky Way, I will give away four or more CD's this week. Here's how it goes:

A new CD to the person who lives farthest away from where I am at the moment, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
A new CD to the first person to write from Oklahoma.
A new CD to the person who can name the cassette of my first musical, poetic endeavor.
And a CD drawing for everyone who writes. I'll pick a few.

Rules: Send your place name via comments and a way for me to reach you. (You can send email and I'll respond for your address.)
This contest will end Friday night at midnight NM time, September 5th.

Good luck.


taimsesasta@gmail.com said...

I'm out here, and reading regularly. Your words are always a bright spot in the chaos of the internet.
Not sure if Washington DC is going to be the furthest away, but there it is... Email is taimsesasta [at] gmail [dot] com.

Anonymous said...

osiyo hello in Cherokee my name is sandra I am a Unenrolled Cherokee via alabama on my mom's side georgia on my dad's side african american white from cleveland Ohio the rock and roll hall of fame capital of the world! I just want to say you are amazing woman! I have been a fan of yours since I got your debut record letters from the end of the 20th century on tape from drumbeat indian arts. your blog site is simply amazing! so educational Ilove It and I also loveyour book reinventing the emney's language ( sorry for the misseplling). I just want to wish you and your family the very best now and in the future.Ps I saw your appearace on the newshour with Jim Leher it was spectacular! best wishes. sandrabsly@yahoo.com

Sarah said...



Just writing in western NC.

It would be really fun to see where everyone is at.


sarah123ed at hotmail dot com

Gail Fagen said...

Hello Joy,
I'm writing from Cagliari, on the Italian island of Sardinia - 5,614.6 miles from Albuquerque.
It must be strange not knowing who's out there reading you. This is a nice way to learn who we are.
I'm originally from Missouri and Iowa, but have lived in Europe for years.
I love the way your blogs turn up in my email unexpectedly - tearing me from my work with the description of a place or mood, elegy for a faithful friend or formidable cat, political musings...
Gail Ann Fagen

Kim said...

Good morning! I live on the North Olympic Peninsula- Port Angeles Wa. I have been on your e-mail list for over a year now & we e-mailed once as I expressed how much I totally enjoy your posts. My youngest started 1st grade this morning- he is of Turtle Mtn decent- he will adapt & I am very proud of him.
Thank you again!!

Joy said...

This is exciting. Thanks for the response so far. A few have written me personally. There are two from Italy. Laura Coltelli knew the name of the cassette. I will see if anyone else knows it too and will give two CD's. I'm still trying to figure out how to show comments...I set it for show comments, and it doesn't....so any advice.

Raqqash said...

I am quite sure I will not be the farthest one but it is a pleasure to comment for one time.
I am writing from Pisa, Italy and have been a student of Laura Coltelli, to whom I owe all my thanks for introducing me to Native American literature and to you, my favourite female poet.

Your works are solace and refreshment for me, enlightenment and inspiration for a better life.
So Mvto/thanks to you for being what you are.

Peggy said...

I'm not posting from Oklahoma, but I was in Tahlequah last week. My daughter and I were driving from Asheville, NC to Washington State and decided to take a detour so she could see the town her grandmother grew up in. I hadn't been there since age nine (more than forty years ago) and it doesn't seem to have changed much. We found a house I remembered, the one my mother said was haunted, and it still looks as if it is. Maybe you remember it too, a stone house with a tower, built on the side of a hill, just up from the college. It's for sale. I took a photo in case my mom's looking for a fixer-upper. It was surprising to see, as an adult, how rural and isolated Tahlequah really is. It's produced a few good women though, you and my mom, to name two.

You're poetry continues to inspire me to go about my daily life with more grace and humility, always alert for meaning I would have otherwise missed (such as in the tree frogs that have taken up residence in my desk drawer) And you inspire me to continue my own efforts at writing.

Nearly a year ago, after the reading at Gonzaga, your kindness and willingness to explain your revisions to a young woman in front of me in the autograph line was a touching reminder that we must, at all times, treat each other with such respect and dignity, to nurture those around us.

I can't wait to hear the new CD! I'll order one soon. Blessings, Peggy pdpeters@nwi.net

SageB said...

I'm not as far as the person that's 5,000+ miles, but I'm in Northwest Ohio, and I'm about 1,489.67 miles from the 505. Blessings.....~Sage

Cindy said...

Hi Joy,

Glad to hear you have more work coming out. I am in North Carolina finishing my MFA in Poetry and teaching English Composition at a local community college. I use your poetry and music in the classroom along with Sandra Cisneros. The last essay I assign my students is based on your poetry. Usually the Fear poem, or another of their choosing.
IT would be great to include you new CD, or tracks within as part of the series.

email: cdroegehcj@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


I am currently in San Diego, CA, so I am not that far. I am soon going to be passing through N.M. on my way back to my homeland in Pennsylvania, counting the days actually until I can see all the green and get rain as a more normal blessing than seasonly as it is here in the desert coast of Southern CA. Your blogs have become such a source of inspiration and have encouraged me to start writing again even if not a poem but dreams and wisdom sometimes given via a clear mind and heart...so even though I won't be able to get a free CD, which ofcourse I would love, I still wanted to write to thanks for sharing your insights, dreams, words of spirit and light. You are a blessing and a gift giver who spins webs of beauty and light through words and song.

Susan said...

Hi Joy, Have waited all of August for this CD, so glad it is finally out. Don't know if this counts but am from Oklahoma(Edmond) but living in Ireland.Best of luck with it all, can't wait to hear it.Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm near Rio Hondo, TX, and enjoy reading your posts, poems, and adventures. My contact info is velachuy@yahoo.com. Best wishes!

LP said...

Hi Joy. I'm a loyal reader of your blog and huge fan of your poetry and music.

I live in Old Town, Maine but am from Spokane, WA.

Can't wait to hear your new ablum.


mj said...

Hi! Joy. I read you pretty regularly. I am from Lebanon, PA. I love getting to peer over your shoulder.

You have such a warm spirit.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of yours since we studied your poetry in our Native American Lit class at Northwest College in Powell Wyoming. I have enjoyed all of your works and i think my professor introduced us to you through your works through the "letters from the end of the 20th century" i have purchased all your books and cd's have been awaiting money to purchase your new cd. I am reading your poems and introducing them to anothe rgeneration in my poetry class. Keep on giving the words we need to hear,

renate said...

I'm posting from Okmulgee, OK. Love your blog. Love your poetry. Love your CDs. :)
I also write :)


renate . moody @ gmail . com (sorry dont want spambots catching it) :)

Lyle Daggett said...

I'm in Minneapolis. First time I've dropped by here, though I've visited your other blog often. Didn't know about this one, tracked it down after Sharon Doubiago sent an email with the Sarah Palin rifle picture.

The earliest cassette of yours that I know about is "Furious Light," though not sure if that's the first one. Though you said your first musical poetic cassette, and I don't remember music from that one. So maybe "The Woman Who Fell from the Sky?"

I've loved your poetry since I first read it sometime back in the early 80's. I got to hear you read with Poetic Justice in Minneapolis sometime in the early 90's, one of the transcendent experiences of my life.

I also heard you sing this past weekend in Albuquerque, Saturday night at the Cultural Festival, where I was hanging out all weekend. I brought back with me your CD "Letter from the End of the 20th Century" which is just awesome.


lyledaggett [at] att [dot] net

Inspiring Newsletter said...

It's Joshua here from New York, I sent you a message once about the land and trying to publish my novel, I don't read any blogs but I sort of read your blog, and when I do I'm glad. I'm glad that you are out there writing poetry, that you also feel.

Joshua [at] inspiringwebcopy [dot] com

Phil Eidenberg-Noppe said...

Hi Joy,

I am a regular blog reader and long-time fan of your poetry and music since the late 80's when I first saw you at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Thanks for your enduring wisdom, passion and spirit.


Phil Eidenberg-Noppe
Seattle, Washington

Hedwig said...

hello, Ms. Harjo! i am finishing my mfa-poetry degree and writing to you from manila, philippines. physically quite far, but culurally and spiritually, not too much, i think. i have read (borrowed) some of your books, by sheer luck because very few are available in manila. some of your poems hit home, and hard. but right now what comes to mind is one of the entries --months ago -- in your blog, about making wings of that which has broken us. thank you for writing such beautiful lines. all the best.

Steve Shoemaker said...

Hi, Joy, I moved to ABQ from Kansas City where I played blues trombone. I saw you one night on KNME, and you blew me away. Since then, I have been checking your site to see if you are playing somewhere here where I can afford to see you.
Steve "Blue Shoe" Shoemaker

davka said...

I'm Davka, currently living in Pittsburgh, Pa. I just drove cross country from Alaska to here- does that count for anything? haha

what can I say! I adore you! Gimmie one!

aimee said...

Hi, Joy, I am writing from Langenfeld, Germany (a small town in the vicinity of Cologne). I used to be a student at the UofA, Tucson, studying Tohono O'odham with Ofelia Zepeda. I just love your poetry and the music that goes with it.. "Fear" has been a life-saver again and again... Thank you for the strength you are spreading.

TracyT said...

Hi Joy,

I'm posting from OKC. I became a fan of yours when I saw you read at Taos Writers Conference a couple of years ago. I loved your reading and approached you afterward to tell you I loved your poem about wanting your subterranean back. Big fan and hopefully one day I'd get to hear you again. There is a possibility that I will be traveling to Albuquerque in late Oct/Early Nov with my OKC slam team to compete in a regional slam. You are a great influence to me.

Tracy Nelson Townsend

Autumn said...

I'm in Bristol England
I have visited New Mexico but it was 20 or more years ago.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I missed this post, I might have qualified for the ¨Farthest Away¨ category: I´m from the USA but living in India, with home bases in Calcutta and Vrindavan. Keep up the great work, I have read through your blog archives many times. May you continue to inspire us with your voice and clarity. Blessings!


Joy said...

Thanks V.
I had an interesting experience recently. I woke up in a dream in India and said "I'm home!". Later that day (in the "waking" world) I turned the GPS on, on my iPhone. It located me in India!!