What About the Right of the Fish and Other Relatives?

From Shigeru Kayano, Ainu man (the Ainu are the indigenous people of Japan) who was born and raised in Nibutani Village in southeastern Hokkaido. The Ainu suffered similar forces of colonization in Japan as the indigenous here in the Western Hemisphere. November 9th, 1994, he addressed the House of Councilor's Special Commission of Environment:

"Do they ever think about the right of the fish in the river? This reminds me of the Minamata Disease [mercury poisoning which started in the 1950's in a southern local village near the ocean caused by industrial waste]...the first victim was the fish. Who ever thought about the pains and mortification of the fish and the shellfish who could not appeal to, or have a charanke with humans? Did anyone ever apologize to them? If ever an angry fish decided to defy humans, I would fight with the fish. We should respect the rights of all the living things. Why don't you listen to the trees, the fish, and gods of water, as we, the Ainu people,do?"

(Thanks/mvto to Yoshiko Kayano, associate professor at Meisei University in Tokyo, Japan)


Canary said...


I am part Japanese.
And part Choctaw, Cherokee and Black.
People like the Ainu are the 'n' word of Japan. or interesting 'exotics' in their own homeland...sound familiar?..here..Africa (Maasai, those who are commonly called 'Bushmen',..), South America, seemingly everywhere that still are with the original peoples.
Not to forget what I have heard about others who live in a traditional manner, still living growing their own foods, foraging, fishing, making cloth...and dark...from living most of their time outside. 'Japanese hillbillies'! I've heard that so many times too.
People like me? 'Big mistake', interesting and or an abomination.
The men who control everything...take and live/think more 'western' style...and any others who walk that treacherous path.
So why would they..in general...listen to the Trees and Fish? Hear Water speak?
They do not even hear the wisdom from true and good Buddhist Monks and Shinto Priests...nor the ancient writings.
But they hear money talk...ever so clearly.

Thank you for posting this...aka Keiko

Jfrancessmith said...

Some Jewish people say a blessing before eating fish, and also thank them for making themselves a sacrificefor our meal. It's a Kabbalistic tradition. Peace, Joan

Mike said...

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