In Appreciation of the Cloud People

Photo: c Joy Harjo 2007

Comment from reader L.M. on yesterday's cloud blog: "I was noticing the clouds,too, both as I was flying into LA, then over O'ahu. They were beautiful. I told them hello and complimented them on how beautiful they looked today....They appreciate it when we appreciate them."


Canary said...

Oh Yes..
All of Creation loves to be loved.

Jfrancessmith said...

The clouds have been beautiful in San Diego, as well. The recent eclipse was awesome as we earth people rotated between the sun and the moon. The planets and the clouds can heal us every day, if we take time to connect to them. I try to Connectto them every day, being reminded that we will return to the Creator, our lifes Source. The Spirits of our ancestors constantly move within the beautiul clouds. I welcome them.Peace, Joan