This Morning I Remember to Pray for Enemies

And whom do I call my enemy?
An enemy must be worthy of engagement.
I turn in the direction of the sun and keep walking.
It's the heart that asks the question, not my furious mind.
The heart is the smaller cousin of the sun.
It sees and knows everything.
It hears the gnashing even as it hears the blessing.
The door to the mind should only open from the heart.
An enemy who gets in, risks the danger of becoming a friend.

JH 9/21/07 ABQ, NM


ChazSkinz said...

whoa! not that's disarming!
awesome...it must have been really early in the morning...

Jfrancessmith said...

So Beautiful, So Wise, MVTO, Joy, Peace, Joan

Phil said...

Thanks as always for your spirit, your wisdom.

Here then my feeble response:

Forgetting and Turning Back
Sept 25, 2007

When I forget
I end up shadow boxing
Some elusive enemy
It is as engaging at the start
as the Ramayana
Told by Indonesian shadow puppet masters
From behind the lit screen
But as tiring in the end

The relentless push
Of retribution
Is simply fed by the machinations
Of restless mind

Flight becomes fear
And fear begets confusion of intent
Loss of clarity
And obstruction of heart

So again I must intentionally
seek the pilot flame
Lit for the turning back
the reminder
Of heart’s wisdom