On Migrating Clouds and City Cancers

As far as migrating clouds....I have noticed differences in what clouds are traveling where these days, especially with all of my flights that crisscross the country. Here in Albuquerque I know the skies fairly well. We are now having monsoons with huge thunderheads every afternoon. This wasn't so before. And many of these clouds tended to live more towards the south and east. A few days ago this place smelled of the Sonoran Desert after the rain, in Tucson. And similar cloud movement in Hawaii. I think the clouds know more than we do about what's happening. They're preparing and working with Earth. They AND we are part of the process. 

Cities, from a cloud-view, look like cancers. No room for the earth to breathe.

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Canary said...

The same here too, Joy.
And many other signs..we have been and are being notified and warned.
For now, Earth is sighing in weariness...and illness.
Healer will heal herself. She always does.