We're Still Following the Music

Reading Sidney Bechet's "Treat It Gentle: An Autobiography". I can hear an influence for Jean Toomer's 
"Cane"--A treasure in my research for We Were There When Jazz Was Invented. 
"The only thing they had that couldn't be taken from them was their music. Their song, it was coming right up from the fields, settling itself in their feet and working right up, right up into their stomachs, their spirit, into their fear, into their longing...it had no end...a memory that came from long way back..." Mvto Mr. Bechet.


White BUffalo Calf Productions said...

Yes! As I roll along to sing & drum with Humpback Whales visiting their winter Baja waters. Now irradiated by the stupidity of old boys with uranium toys. And We'll be singing praises to St Nik Tesla loudly. Heartily. Sun smiling as she dances along. Inspiring us to bring in natural energy. Freely. Amiga, Maka "Mother Earth"

Mark Colby said...

Beautiful. Thank you and Ms. Harjo.

Mark Colby said...

Beautiful. Both you and Ms. Harjo. You show truth to be beauty. Thank You! Mark