Monday, Monday

I was up late again working until past ten on a Sunday--Working twelve to fourteen hour days through the weekend and starting again on Monday made me feel a little weary. I either have to change my attitude or let something go or get some help...probably some portion of each of these. My first look at the spirit of the day, it was turned away in a droop. I decided to use a technique that my spirit showed me that always works. I saw the spirit of the day infused with joy and discovery. Then I took that image into my heart and breathed into it. About that time the sun broke over the horizon. I am moving about lighter, despite the challenges. I've learned to hold those persons, ideas or images that mean me harm, either deliberately or without intent in the same kind of manner. The energy shifts. I am changed within. The dynamic alters and we all keep moving in an honorable way.


Bob said...

I'm trying this right now!

Alex said...

Thank you Joy Harjo.

bekachka said...

Dear Joy,
I am comforted and inspired by the parallelism of our way of being and regarding energy.
Thank you for your courage and grace.
Warm wishes,