Shimmering Tree Being

Fresh from dreaming: 

I am taken to an incredible tree. The tree appeared to begin in the sky. It was so beautiful, ephemeral, a kind of lightness that appears rarely in this world. It seemed to start high up in the sky, and it filled anyone who saw it with awe. It appeared to be not of this world yet you could see the etheric body leading down to this world. I have never seen anything like it. Then in the dream, some boys/men were shooting at it, to bring it down. Several of us were trying to stop them. It hurt my heart to think that there were people in this world who would work to destroy such beauty, such a being.

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Mark Colby said...

Dear Ms. Harjo,

We met in Tucson, years ago now.

I have been hiking by a water retention basin in northern Los Angeles County, in Tujunga. Several wintering birds have shown up lately. A beautifully white thin neck possibly Grebe, some extremely colorful ducks, and I believe blue herons. Across my mind the dreaded specter of local kids shooting them raced through my mind. I felt horrified and sickened. Certainly, I have been wondering lately how to live through all this killing of innocent beauty. I have been told that only the Divine Mother has the strength to walk this planet during these dark times, and the Divine Mother loves music and poetry. Turn to writing, turn to music, and the bullets will not bring down the sacred tree. I can only hold the beauty in my heart, in my mind's eye, and give it to the Divine Mother who can keep it alive for eternity. That's what I pray for in this changing and illusionary world. Wishing you the best always, thank you for writing so beautifully. Mark Colby