Your Chance....

I am in the middle of my "memoir", which is basically moments of transformation--
is there anything you want to know or may want me to address?


Ray Evans Harrell said...

1. Truth and reconciliation between all Indian people regardless of cards.
2. The disenfranchisement of great Indian Artists as a result of the Arts and Crafts Act.
a. How it hurt the Willard Stone family and other Indian Artists by downgrading identity to a trademark or brand.
b. How it ghettoized registered Indian Artists stereotyped into only playing only Indians in Film, TV and on stage.
3. How tribal politics have downsized the Nations into tribes and split up families based on direct lineage to a tribal roll (that was a suspect at the time it was conceived and executed).
4. Why there is not a "universal law of return" so all relatives can be recognized. Stop the food fight over local jurisdiction and allow local communities to relate to all people of their nation. And since there are Indians of every faith, why is there not a diverse Nation State Form made up of many religions as a rule with serious room for those who are of traditional faith and who guard the traditions as gatekeepers and national property.
Thanks for the opportunity:

Ray Evans Harrell,
Performing Arts Teacher
Artistic Director
New York City
Cherokee descent,
from Picher, Oklahoma
Quapaw Nation

megan said...

How does the physical body wordlessly tell the story?

Cassie Premo Steele, Ph.D. said...

Your early years seem full of drinking, late nights, and the legacy of unhealthy patterns. How did you come to be so balanced, healthy, and physically fit? My guess is that it was a spiritual transformation-- and that you can address both physical and spiritual health in a unique way.

ravesandhowls said...

Who inspires you?

Joy said...

Thanks for your questions. They will help.

Theresa said...

I'm curious about whether you've returned to a poem days, weeks, or years after its composition and have found that it spoke to you on a register different than the one you were attuned to when you were writing it, or how a poem has resonated in different ways when you've shared it with different audiences.

Thanks for this wonderful invitation; very much looking forward to the memoir!

DianaPoet said...

Please describe in detail your educational background (formal and informal) regarding poetry and music.
What tips do you have for poets who want to be published?
What tips do you have for musicians who want to record?

maria munguia said...

i'd like to hear about your days at iowa.

also, memorable "moments" you recall with chicanas?

Deborah A. Miranda said...

Your thoughts about what comes next, as you approach the status of elder, and look forward into the future of this battered planet and her beautiful, destructive humans. What do you hope to accomplish in the next 20, 30, years? What new directions might you turn, or what old roads might you revisit?