The spirit of a play is bothering me. This spirit has been sending me songs, scenes, and characters and I can hardly wait to see where it will take me.

I THINK I LOVE YOU, An All Night Round Dance


I am looking for funds to complete a first draft of an original musical play, including three original tunes, and sessions with premier dramaturge Shirley Fishman. She’s been called the “heart and soul” of La Jolla Playhouse. She was the heart and soul assisting me with my first production, Wings of Night Sky, Wings of Morning Light. These funds will also go toward a reading/performance at the Public Theater in New York.

Al Green sings, “Love will make you do right, love will make you do wrong. Love will make you stay out all night long.” It is love that motivates us, makes this circle called Earth go round and round. This holds true with a circle of friends who came together during Indian school, at the height of indigenous freedom movements and now come together for an all night wake for their friend who has died at the hand of her lover, in a double suicide. Many stories emerge, collide, provoke, and reveal the intimate interconnections and secretsthat haunt the wake party. The music interweaving the tale is original funky, tribal, rock, stomp dance mix. A chorus of ex-lovers who are part of the band will also tell what can’t be told, in the manner of a Greek chorus.

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