Catch up, RED DREAMS Offer, and Here we go--

I haven't written on the blog for awhile. I've gone over to Facebook. FB feels responsive, live and quick--a wiley creature.
This morning, though I've decided I will keep this up--make some links.

I'm in the middle of writing a "memoir" with a deadline of the end of this month. So that's where I'm focused. And if you stay tuned I might post some excerpts.

I just released a new CD of music: RED DREAMS, A TRAIL BEYOND TEARS. It the album I produced to acknowledge traditional music.

AND I will make the same offer here that I made on Facebook:

Until August 17th, if you buy my new CD of instrumental flute music RED DREAMS, A TRAIL BEYOND TEARS from my website, using Paypal, directly from me, I will give you a copy of either the classic Letter from the End of the Twentieth Century or Native Joy for Real.

Only ten days left on the offer. I also made the offer that if you get me an interview, a review or distribution I will send you a free CD. And, if you turn me onto a gig that works out, I will give you a complete set of my music CD's. I have gotten some great responses.

See you.

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wes-cost-wes said...

I think you are doing A good JOB, & I would like to see you keeping it up !! GOD BLESS you & your's !! Just A Frend !!