Two Moons on 27th August 2007

On August 27th, the planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky, starting August.

It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65 Million miles of Earth.

Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. (Not sure which time zone this is. I'll check it out and let you know.) It will look like the Earth has 2 Moons.

The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.

Mars is the aggressive side of the warrior energy, which is also the ability to move forward. The Moon is the sensitivity of water, of instinctual knowing. They don't usually travel together so closely.


Canary said...

Hi Joy,

Sorry to say but that is wrong.
check out NASA, Space.com, Snopes.com/urban legends.....

Actually, Mars will be about 55 million miles away Dec.2007.
In 2018, Mars will be similar to the 2003 Mars event which was 35 million miles distant from Earth.
In 2287 Mars will come closer than it did in 2003.
What you posted is a forward that has been going around for a while now.
Would be something if Mars did get so close that that it appeared that there are 2 Moons... a red one and white one!
If that did occur, I wonder what the gravitational pulls would do, if anything?
Makes me think of being turned onto Emanuel Velikovsky/sp...scientist/author...'Worlds In Collision', 'Earth In Upheaval'..... by Vine Deloria back in the 70's.

James said...

This is unfortunately not true. The actual event occurred in 2003.