Joy Harjo will be featured tonight on the Jim Lehrer Newsreport

In Albuquerque it's on Ch.5 KNME PBS from 5:30-6:30 MDT--


Sharon Cobb said...

I just watched your appearance on Jim Lehrer and was enthralled. A part of the first poem you read awakened something in me that I have been searching for. I write poetry and publish anthologies of other's works. Certain poems touch me more deeply that any other art medium. I will search for the book that poem is in and keep the thought that my soul is the soul of us all. Thank you.

philcanoe said...

Episode 8939...Mr Lehrer, he did you good. New fan to what you do,looking forward to learning more. If bad press is good press, then you've been pressed well.

Larry said...

A terrific report. We are very touched. Which book does the wonderful poem about the kitchen table appear in?

Joy said...

"Perhaps the World Ends Here" first appeared in The Woman Who Fell From the Sky, W.W. Norton 1994, and more recently in How We Became Human, New and Selected Poems, also W.W.Norton.
"Eagle Poem" appeared in In Mad Love and War from Wesleyan University Press. The song is a small part of the poem/song "This Is My Heart" which first appeared in A Map to the Next World, W.W. Norton and my second album, Native Joy for Real. A new version will be featured on my new album, THIS IS MY HEART.

Dave said...

Dear Joy,
Identical to Sharon Cobb's post I too felt something when I heard your words. Connected to native American culture since childhood, and evolved, I too now know we are all one, and love is all there is. Someone recently said to me there are more of us out there than we might expect. Yes, we are in the vanguard of the new age. Given the limits of words, thank you for using them as you do. The kitchen table was off the chart.

David McGlaughlin
Harrisburg, Pa.

Julie said...

Fantastic! Your poetry spoke directly to my heart. Your poetry is true to the very center of being.

deborah said...

This broadcast is also available for free on the iPod Store website. I searched for "Lehrer" - it's listed as the poetry episode.