A Mars Link

from Stephen Strom, a friend, collaborator (Secrets from the Center of the World, University of Arizona Press) and astronomer: "One thing...although close, Mars and Earth won't be close enough to make the red planet
appear as big as the full moon....it's brightness will surely draw the eye, though!

Thought you'd be interested in this link -- complete with animation -- It might be
exciting for your readers to glance at.


Thanks Steve

Also, see comments--Might be wrong. Still, here's info on Mars.

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Monica said...

Hi Joy

I missed the Jim Lehrer show. Hope to catch it another time. I reposted your "Two Moons" article on another discussion site and was attacked. They said it was an internet legend. Too Bad. I was looking forward to seeing that. I hope you are happy and well.

Monica J Charles