Now, what was bothering you? Turn to awe instead.

Closer up of one of the darkest regions of previous photo.

So, now what was it that was so overwhelming??

(Thanks to Elizabeth Erwin, who forwarded these images, and concept.)


marcie said...

I love when the creature is confronted by the Creatrix. This is one I heard recently on NPR.
Begins with the Big Bang and goes to Now.
Walk the distance of 100 yards. Every single step you take will equal 70 million years. Do that for the full 100 yards, then you will be 65 million years from now. This is when the dinosaurs became extinct. Take one more step and it is modern era. At the end of the distance there is mounted a single strain of human hair. On the left side of the hair, the first known cave painting where place on cave walls. The right side of the hair is this reading right now. We are a speck, on a speck, on a speck." Once again the paradox of experiencing just how small and insignificant we truly are, and how in that space the truth of the background can emerge to the foreground.
Thanks for posting that, I like that a lot.

marcie said...

PS. Was also able to catch you piece on NPR and found it most beautiful and powerful. I listened to it with an "Old Woman" I know and we both basked in the grounded strength of your presentation.

pepektheassassin said...

I truly love this stuff. Thanks.

pepektheassassin said...

btw, I love your poetry and have several of your books --also good stuff.