A Winter Wednesday Morning in Honolulu

It's a rainy Wednesday morning here in Honolulu. I'm still fresh from dreams, and fresh into this one called "Wednesday morning in Honolulu in the time of corrupt warring governments". Hurray for Harry Belefonte. He told the truth. "The President is a liar." And to see it told in the muck of innuendo brings a shine, let's some light in.

I've begun to think that this life is a dream. Not dream in the Disney-sense of "everything's going to turn out alright-you'll find a Prince or Princess and live happily ever after". That "dream" has ruined many lives. No, not that. Rather a complex, ironic, paradoxical, mythic, dynamic and rich dreaming. This earthly dreaming is the teaching and learning field. When you start to look real close it's moving energy. The other side is just right here. Where we've been and where we're going is right here. Everything matters. Every thought is creative.


(The following copied from Indigenous News Network. If the creator of this is out there, please advise.)
You Maybe a Techno-Indian if:

You have several CPU's up on blocks in your living room.

There is a satellite dish for high speed wireless on your Hud House
(insert Hogan, trailer, apt, etc)

Your wife doesn't want to hear that lame old "my server was down" excuse

That “hope my system doesn’t crash” song is always in your head

You think a floppy disk slot crammed with tobacco and flat cedar will
somehow increase your connection speed.

At least 2 giga-bytes of pow-wow, flute, Joy Harjo, hand game,
traditional, Indigenous, Ulali music, etc are in your mp3 files

You send aaaayyyyyymail.

Three Words: pirated native Jpegs

Your mail address is DancesWithModems@hotmail.com.

AOl will no longer cash your per-cap checks.

Googling Fry Bread Recipes or Tribes is a usual event

Before you attend a powwow, you need to check its website first.

Your mouse is coated with frybread grease.

Had a petition to get your council to install wireless nodes around the

You ask chicks for their email address at gatherings.

If you are on dial and up use the connect time to braid your hair every

Your password is something about your tribe or something in your

Trying to create a laser pointer to use with your power point that you
control with your lips (or chin depending on where you are from)

You have a beaded zip drive.

Bookmarks include ICT, Tribal Website, or an online bead store

Head to mapquest before the next tournament

You know what .nsn means

You know a hard drive isn't just the road home from the 49!

SPAM list includes annoying pseudo-Indian “trading post’s”

Knowing that smudging your disk drive may help

Any of the following dangling from or resting on your monitor: Feather,
beads, pictures of brown people, url for a site that can help you find a
native date, fetish, special token, dried meat or fish -

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