Cellular entities and wildfires

Dreaming: "I am present at the cellular level. It is crystal with colors. Maroon is one of them. I pick up one piece and move it to another place. The cells (cellular entitites) react with flares of angry colors. Though this world is one mind, one soul there are still attractions and repulsions. When I pick up the piece and move it elsewhere there was acceptance. The others welcomed it."

Talked with my cousin in Glenpool yesterday. They need rain at home. There are wildfires and lingering smoke. He said that as far as he knows there are no more rainmakers among our people. Could be. Knows how they used to do it, and told me, but doesn’t know the songs. He had to cut the call short because of difficulty of breathing through the smoke.

We need songs in these times. Some of the old, classic and powerful ones left us because we did not or could not carry them, or they would not fit through or within a particular time or place—sort of like the dream episode above. We are going to need them in these upcoming days and years. We need to remember who we are and how we are utterly connected to this earth and sky.

This is the spirit world.

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