Monday Monday

This new technology is amazing and/or a distraction. Skipped paddling yesterday morning because I trashed my back and bicep muscles at the gym the day before, and pulled a muscle while helping another crew pull the canoe up. I'll be out again late this afternoon. Lonely for the water.

I upgraded to iLife 3 and decided to experiment with a new website that I could easily add videos, podcasts and images to--(or so I thought, I recorded a little sax bit and some voice and still haven't been successful in getting it to play--any ideas?). That site is:


I am taking a podcast class later this week and will begin to regularly podcast. Will keep you advised.

My current site at the www.joyharjo.com address has a promised unveiling this next week. Stay tuned.

And mvtos, mahalos, thanks, gracias forever and ever for Karen Strom for faithfully maintaining this one.

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