The Stink-Eye Olympics and Podcasting

Friday and a rainy morning in Honolulu. Sticky. Wednesday was rainy but I headed out to Moanalua Bay to paddle anyway. The shore was croweded with paddlers though the clouds were heavy with rain. We had enough for two double-hull canoes. We went out for an hour, up to Top Island though we always prefer the ocean. The rain held back. And the sunset revealed eternity.

Last Sunday morning when we were paddling our canoe was consistently beating our coach’s canoe. She stood up dramatically in her canoe after we'd stopped at the midway goal and gave us stink-eye. You know the look. It's that slanted tight cut-eye look that is absolutely directed and means you’d-better-listen-or-stop-what-you’re-doing or the, you’re-going-to-die-or-wish-you-had look. That look is called “stink eye” here in Hawaii. She didn't want our canoe beating her boat. She would have an excellent chance at the Stink-Eye Olympics.

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Have a good one.

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