If You Look from the Moon, We All Look the Same

This morning I open my eyes in my home state, which overwhelmingly voted for Romney. I can feel the din of disappointment here. America is a multi-cultural, multi-racial country. Romney ran a Christian right-white campaign. He made no attempts to be inclusive, as did Obama. The people voted. I am relieved and even feel celebratory. Now we must all work for inclusion of every voice. Each of us has equal value, the rich and the poor, the indigenous tribal belief person and the right-white Christian, the "straight" and the gay/or other expression of love for humanity,. If you look from the moon or beyond, we are earth. If you look from the eyes of the Creator, we are exquisite Creation. Mvto.

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Jeannie Zokan said...

Thank you Joy Harjo, beautifully spoken.