BEFORE ALL THINGS (first draft)

My eyes peer above the horizon.
The waters below this world are my calm.
I hear the breathing of the sleeping.
I have given birth here. I will die here, in the not too long awhile.
In this ceremony of the sun, the earth will be cracked open with light.
We will rise up and walk the human road.
The clatter of good and evil will test the heart.
My heart is weary of the fight.
I’d rather be here in the balance where I can see everything.
The earth’s soul shimmers with turquoise.
Particles from the indigo path to the stars are still in my teeth.
My thinking mind has been swept clean by currents of the night,
The sky carries the knowledge of all the other worlds
I watch it for signs.
It is here where human imagination has placed our maker.
I feel the maker here in this breath, in these words, on this earth,
As I surface up from the deep.
I have seen sharks there, canoes that fly through time, and plants that walk.
I have bathed in mystery.
I will pause here with the maker, in a dusky field before sunrise
Next to stones that speak of honor--
There is an eternity of sky.
This morning it is red.
c Joy Harjo 11/21/2012 Albuquerque, NM

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