Heavy Matrix of Divisiveness

The story matrix is heavy. I feel it through my body and soul. There is such divisiveness at the national and global levels, a divisiveness that begins within each of us.

I need to find some way to walk through the hatefulness with grace, to not become part of it. I must investigate my own house within.

It hurts my heart to hear those close and far away say that there is only one doorway, one
 religion and all else is evil. That there might be only one religion, one doorway makes no sense at all. Why would a Creator of such a magnificence that s/he creates each of us: human, animal, plant, elements,all life in its multitude of forms, an unrelenting diversity, none of us the same--allow only one doorway to that magnificence?

God didn't create religions. Religions were created by humans, albeit inspired humans. They are human structures to make sense of the spiritual story here, a place for people to come together to worship. They can inspire people to work together for good, or they can promote hatefulness against anyone who is not like them--other religions, races, cultures, women....
We were each planted with light. We must tend it so it doesn't go out. We must take care of our own houses, and share with those in need, rather than destroying the houses of others or forcibly occupying them with words or stones. 

Each word is either a missile of hurt, or a missive of light.

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