Reward Levels for U.S. Artist Donations for Harjo's Project: I Think I Love You, An All Night Round Dance


I've upped the rewards. They're retroactive for those who donated before this announcement. Please consider donating. It's tax-deductible. And you'll be supporting several artists as this develops: the writer, musicians, recording engineer, actors, and so on.



Support of $25.00 unlimited

CD of your choice and Bi-weekly blog updates beginning October 2010

Support of $50.00

Limited to 25 / 11 Available

Above, plus an electronic download copy of my first play "Wings of Night Sky, Wings of Morning Light"

Support of $75

Above, plus a CD copy of the song demo.

Support of $100

Limited to 25/16 available

Above, plus a signed copy of one scene of the play

Support of $500

All of the above plus a signed copy of the first draft of the play

And a complete set of Harjo CD’s.

Support of $1000

All of the above plus a private reading of the play.

Support of $2000

All of the above plus a collection of all books and CD’s, signed.

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