The Chronicle of Higher Education Story:UNM Professor/Dominatrix Scandal

This story by Peter Schmidt details some of the UNM creative writing program story. I resigned my position over it last year and was awarded unemployment based on the untenable workplace situation. UNM appealed my unemployment and strangely "won", despite nearly seven hours of testimony stretched in a process that went on over six months on my behalf from co-workers, and students who had been approached by the professor to work in the sex trade. In the decision by the presiding judge, none of the testimony or exhibits, including photos backing up my claim, were not taken into consideration. UNM had one witness. UNM said I didn't deserve unemployment benefits because I quit my job.

I appealed again and Wednesday September 15th my case was supposed to have been heard by a panel. I got a letter that same day saying that the decision was final and I have to pay back $11,000 in unemployment benefits with a bill attached. Either the letter is wrong, or the process was overridden. There appears to have been an interference in the process from the appeal. This is a small state and UNM is one of the biggest employers, so it has clout. Mine isn't the only story. There are others that are similar.

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Rebecca Hale said...

Oh, heavens. Just now finding this post. This is atrocious. I wish there was something we could do to help you. The UNM HR Administration should be thoroughly ashamed. Have there been any further developments in this? Anything we can do?