I have 28 Days to raise $7,573.

Okay, here I am. In person.
As you can see, I'm in the middle of raising money to write my new play and create music for it.
United States Artists has set up a site for me to fundraise.
I have 28 days to raise the balance of $7,573.00
There are gifts at different levels, AND I will let you into my gigs for free (not just the free ones!!), AND will put you on a list of the I Think I Love You, An All Night Round Dance Circle that will be included in the handout for every play. There are other levels of gifts. See the site.
The monies from the coat donated by leather artist Chaz will be donated to the project. Mvto, Chaz!
Please click on link for more info.
You can donate directly to the site or via check.

(Please send any checks to: United States Artists, 5757 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 580, LA, CA 90036. Include a note that states you wish it to go to my project (by name). You will get a letter of confirmation and tax deduction info. Mvto. Thanks!)

Thanks for your help, and please pass on.


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