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Mrs Harjo, thank you for your answer.
I have written to an Italian TV program and an Italian newspaper about this abuse, but I have got no answer up to now. I will do what Gail is suggesting (thank you!): I will forward emails and information.
The Lega Nord is one of the most narrow-minded Italian right party. To give you an idea of the kind of people voting for this group, their first (or one or their first) slogan was: “Ours is hard” (Noi ce l’abbiamo duro, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV6U0p0ie8s ) meaning male penis. They used to go around with a T-shirt with this slogan during their first political campaign…
Today they are “fighting” (they always use words and slogans, as they were making war to someone) for the liberation of the Padania (which is the “Po” river valley and the region around). They want to free the Padania, to stop immigration of Southern Italians, African and Eastern people, and they want their region to become more and more independent (federalismo) in Italy.
Searching on the Web, I have find out, that the Umberto Bossi, the Lega Nord boss, copied the manifesto with Native Americans from the one of a right group (Lega Ticinese) in Lugano, in Canton Ticino, in Switzerland: also in Switzerland they are making a politcal campaign against immigration ab/using Native Americans’ history: http://new.ticinonews.ch/articolo.aspx?id=3643&rubrica=2
Bossi liked it and copied it.
I have read (http://www.adnkronos.com/IGN/Politica/?id=1.0.2013633915), that Calderoli, a Lega Nord Senator, commented on their manifesto: “We are getting like Redskins, but we are red out of anger, because we are the target of a dangerous colonization and victims of an imported criminalization. We are getting really furious, because someone wants even to let them immigrants vote, as it happened to the Indians, when someone else came to choose their chiefs. We do not want this history to be repeated”.
…It’s a shame, this comparison is a shame.

You are all right, Gail, our political situation is incredible: the Italian political, social and economical situation is at its lowest point. Decadence is everywhere, Mafia, corruption…. All over the world. I would be pleased, if we would deserve better politicians. This would mean, we would react and do something to change the situation. We will vote in 2 weeks. And Berlusconi is on TV again for his political campaign, with his whig, lifting and his list of charges for corruption…
Thank you for your kind answer.

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Alessandro said...

Hi, My name is Alessandro Profeti, I live in Italy and I am very sorry for these posters displayed in Italy by the Lega Nord during Italian political elections.
In my Blog we discussed the very superficiality of this message and on the exploitation of Native American people, we are convinced that this was something really regrettable.
This is the url of my article in my Blog: http://www.nativiamericani.it/?p=366
Personally, I consider the cultures of all peoples a richness. My job is to spread the life and information of Native American peoples, their topicality, without stereotypes because I believe that there is an important need.
This is my Blog.
I hope that these posters are no longer used in Italy, because I consider them really hypocrites...
My greetings
Alessandro Profeti, Italy