Earthlink Email Problem Today

If anyone has emailed me today, please try again. I've received only about 5 emails, not my usual 50 or more. When the system goes down like this, all emails sent during this time are lost, not retrievable.



Anonymous said...

dear joy,

i had applied to unm grad program for creative writing before i read of the incidents with chavez. i'm fairly liberal and didn't know exact circumstances, so i made no judgement. i learned first of this month that i was not accepted into the program. of course my ego was deflated. on hindsight, knowing more now, i feel relief since it seems the program is in a mess. all things do happen for a reason. it is difficult to navigate through life without making waves somewhere. i admire the fact that you stood by your morals. sincerely, sallie gallegos

Marja said...

Dear Joy,

I am translating your poems into Serbian. Is there any way I can get in touch with you?