Juggling Satellites, Freeways, Emails...

These days I am an air traffic controller or a juggling fool. This morning as I broke from my other knowing to this one I decided I could not get up yet one more day and abandon my spirit. We are spirits, after all. In order to "get things done" I've been jumping immediately into the straightaway of the mental freeway with emails, electronics, tasks, no end of tasks....In the mental freeway there is no room for ambiguity, for the breathing of the mythic. You cannot hear the stories unwind, enjoy them, know them, utterly. You cannot know yourself, and knowing yourself allows you to begin to know and understand others.

So I took a different door, the one of subtlety (this door is subtle against the field of metal, electrical appliances, the whiz of satellites, of ringing phones in everyone's hands), the one of listening and being within the full spectrum from the first to the seventh layers of the senses. There are probably more layers than those. And there are more than five senses.

Now I can hear poetry. Now I can hear the songs. Now, I feel like a human being.


I deleted yesterday's post. I was running too hard, thinking too much and revealed too much.


Pamela said...

Just drove down from Jackson Lake north of Mancos, where I stayed overnight in a yurt surrounded by pin oak, Ponderosa pine, mule deer, big-eared squirrels, skunks, foxes and a very large black bear. I didn't bring my computer. I did hear the coyotes squeal, laugh, keen and cry for a long time during the night, and I awoke to write in my journal. Thank you for your blog entry. It is helping to stay away from my email today and to glide with the spirits of those deer, those aspen leaves, those coyotes all day.

mintonvalleylady said...

I was going to say you need to come sit on the back porch and listen to the sounds of the oklahoma woods around the house, but I read Pamelas comment and maybe we should all be where she is.Something is lost when you here the nieghbors radio in the middle of nowhere. Atonda