After the Fact...and Ancestral Multiplication

....of course, good-looking warriors on horseback riding with the wind with hard, bronzed shoulders, backs,abs, --as they say in the business "sexy"--add to that, ditto, cowboys...and so the story goes. We're so many peoples, builds, ups, downs and crossovers from the press of the stereotype, from the story pool.

We are human beings.

And a little something to think about from HIGH PINK, TEX-MEX FAIRY TALES, by Franco Mondini-Ruiz (artist extraordinaire) Published by D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, Inc.NY,NY 2005:

"I couldn't sleep last night. I started thinking about something I just can't figure out. It boggles the mind. And I wasn't stoned, I promise. It goes like this: You are one person. It took two people to create you. It took four people to create your parents. And it took eight people to create your grandparents, and sixteen people to create your great-grandparents. And to create them, 128. And before them, 256; 512; 1,024; 2,048; 4,096; 8,192; 16,384; 32,768; 65,536; 131,072; 262,144; 524,288; 1,048,576; 2,097,152; 4,194,304; 8,388,608; 16,777,216; 33,554,432; and so on. Wouldn't that mean that a few thousand years ago almost everybody alive had to have been your ancestor?
My friend Rudy always thinks everyone he meets reminds him of one of his cousins. I guess he's onto something." p.118


Mei said...

Kia ora Joy

Thank you so much for nominating Patricia Grace for the Laureate Neustadt Literature Award.

We here, in Aotearoa know how special Patricia is and for indigenous people's to tautoko/support from outside Aotearoa is simply AWESOME!

Mauri ora

Mei Hill

Joy said...

Kia ora, hensci and aloha Mel, Nice to hear from you, from your beloved country. Patricia Grace is a world treasure.

Thanks for the note.


Joy said...

I mean Mei!

Sorry for the typo.

Mei said...

Kia ora - Aloha Joy

I hear you are a great musician and poet. Do you perform solo or do you have a band that travels with you?

Mauri ora