You Never Know

Late again in my refuge here near the Rio Grande. I am once again reminded that I never know where I'm going to wind up or what I will get myself into--A few years ago I found myself in a parade with other outrigger canoe paddlers in Townsville, Australia. We were there to race in the world outrigger canoe championships. Most were from Pacific Island countries, one from the U.S., one from Italy, and a few others. Our Hawaii group marched under a Hawaiian flag and there I was, carrying a paddle, in racing gear singing in Hawaiian. I could never predicted that one. Today was another such moment. My colleague Sharon Oerd Warner was given a well-deserved service award on South Campus, in the UNM athletics domain. As the reception broke up after the honoring I went looking for a bathroom. The only bathroom I could find turned out to be in the UNM football player locker room. No one was there though a pair of wet footprints tracked across the floor. I used their facilities. Quickly, stealthily. I have pictures to prove I was there.

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