Nearing Midnight,and the Mind Turns Toward the Moon

And I talked earliler with an ex on the phone who was watching CNN and relayed to me the drama of the astronaut bust: a love triangle. Why is it called "love triangle"? Sounds more like a "fury triangle", or "triangle of disaster". Actually I haven't watched tv for three days and the effect has been startling. I didn't watch much before. I have a few favorite shows, and I catch the news now and then. In Albuquerque the news is basically the local police blotter, not worth watching except for the weather report, and that's probably more up to date online. I can hear deeper since turning it off. I can hear how the night moves stealthily across the earth, I can hear the clatter of dishes in a sink, I hear how many times a heart can be broken and put back together, hear drownings, knifings, and though we might go under fighting or in a drench of passionate confusion, we are not destroyed.

I'm listening to Zakir Hussein and I am drunk on music.

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charles said...

It's funny that an "Astronaut Bust" is news, you know? I mean funny in that you have to laugh not to cry. I don't watch TV for the same reasons that you've expressed here. Truth be told, I do watch episodes of shows on DVD and movies, I am not above that. Somehow that does feel better, without the commercials. Those things always get me frazzled--not that they make me want to buy anything. They just make me uneasy, nervous. And the so-called news, don't get me started. It gives me stomach trouble, headaches, depression. I am exaggerating slightly, yet I am serious. Learning to turn off the TV permanently is a great step in our progessive awakenings.

Music--now that I love. Thank you Joy, for "Letter from the End of the Twentieth Century." Fear Poem--BAM!!! Beautiful.