We Must Be in Hell: From reading while inflight--

Came across an article about some research to turn gay sheep (rams) straight by injecting them with estrogen. You're going to get some really nelly sheep. Might even lead to cross-dressing.

Why not research hormones that make hateful people more compassionate?

P.S.(Any jetlag remedies?)


Joan Smith said...

Don't read on flight. Sleep. Sleep while you can, there may be a ruling to use cell phones during flight, if that happens, "a babies cry could become music to our ears"Redeer

J said...

Yes. Try "No Jet Lag" (available at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and health stores - in a slim blue and white box). A combination of natural herbs, in chewable tabs. Also, I've heard it's best to not go to sleep before 10:00 pm on the night of arrival, once you've gotten to your new destination. For some reason, this helps your body to adjust to the new time zone.