Lost Message, and Another Sax Player Heads Home

Hensci Joy,
I sent a blog message for the Ala Wai picture you posted, but i don't think it went through.

I wanted to tell you about the loss of San Diego musician, Sax Player, Hollis Gentry III.
He died , his funeral was friday. He had a Masters in music from UCSD, and was a very talented person, has played with a number of other musicians. Never made it big, but 'Should Have'. If you go to google and put his name in, there's lots of info there. You can download him from
CD Baby: California Easy Listening. His group was called "Fattburger", His recording of "Trail Of Tears", played a lot here Peace, Joan

No, Joan, it didn't come through.

And a good journey for Hollis Gentry III. Some of the finest go unrecognized in this life. I'll check him out.

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