Storygathering and Be Nice to Animals

I can’t help but think of all the animals getting together to decide who was going to finally take care of Steve Irwin the “Crocodile Hunter”. Irwin seemed like an otherwise good soul whose obsession with harassing animals finally did him in. He was stung in the heart by a stingray while he was filming out in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Stingray killings are rather uncommon. It was a direct hit. Irwin’s face always betrayed a possible death via his heart. I figured it would be a heart attack. Guess it was.

I know this isn't anecdote isn't poetry, literary or musical but Irwin is part of the cultural weave bred by television. I'm a sucker for stories and characters, just as anyone else, be they on tv, in the movies, other oral stories or literary. And we humans will always hunt and search for stories, no matter the medium. My story sources of the last few days include primarily: person-to-person, via cellphone and telephone (the family stories that lately are very disturbing and involve drinking incidents, cataracts, husbands who refuse to go to work, low fishing quotas and excessive gambling), a Netflix movie, the tv news one night this week, a couple of tv shows, newspaper, online news, memoirs, an autobiography, text messaging, a butterfly, cricket, geese flying overhead, dreams, student stories and other modes. It's what we do.

So enjoy your storygathering today. And be nice to the animals.


anke said...

Thank you, Joy, for putting my rather mixed feelings about the "Crocodile Hunter" in words. Somehow I never quite felt he did all his acts for the good of animal-dom, but for himself to show off... Well, may his soul rest where all the animals he laid his hands upon want it to be...

Greetings and a big Hooray for the animals out there, from Germany!

Jonoky said...

I enjoy reading your blogs, especially when I get a new perspective on the natural world, which today we so often ignore. A big Thank You for that!
Now, I contacted you some months ago about a possible collaboration with an Irish singer and a very famous Irish pipe player. You seemed interested but did not get back to me when I wrote back to you. We are still interested in pursuing this venture, but need to know if you are interested and if so how best to get in touch with you. I apologize for using the blog site to send this message, but I have not been successful through other avenues. My email address: coaching@chello.be. Drop me a line.
Joanne Norris

Joy said...

Joanne, I'm still interested. I thought I got back with you. Do you still have my email address?

markt said...

Thanks for the comment on Irwin's tragic and unnecessary death. I have been trying to explain to non-Indians that many of us viewed his interactions with animals as anything but respectful. It seemed more about titillation and testing one's mettle in a very dangerous manner. The recent rash of stingray mutilations tells me that his supposed message of "respect and conservation" didn't sink in with some of his viewers.


BlueHorseFlying said...

People interpret 'love' in many ways. Mostly in error, it seems to me.
Steve Irwin said he loved and admired 'animals'..reminds me of 'horsemen' who 'love' their hate to be handled and ridden Horses...that resent and despise humans for good reason...catching them, tying them up to be ridden and proudly boast of their magnificent beast..and ability to ride them..much less handle them at all. Ah..but, "I can ride him/her". "Look at me".....
Perhaps he meant well..but it looked like a carni side show that made me cringe and yell at him to leave them alone...educate not subjugate.
It is a sad situation..especially for his family...i'm glad you brought this up, Joy.
His popularity and obvious admiration by many and shows like 'The Most Dangerous Animals', Shark attack shows...and other natural life... to be feared...loathed.. 'love' of fear and horror...the fascination of danger..and death....and the lack of respect.