Night Musing

MUSING: The nights are growing visibly longer. Tonight it was nearly dark when the canoes came in at Maunalua. Another night in the black pearl necklace of night. I welcome this closing out of a rough day. Questions and doubts ruled today. So these calm waters in the bay soothe me. Every evening it's best to turn back and make an assessment. What worked, what didn't, was I awake or did I sleep? Did my soul shimmer with energy or did I cut off pieces and give it away?

CD NEWS: Native Joy for Real is #25 in the Early Adopters in Indies List for Amazon.com!

PLEASE NOTE: If your order was returned from the Glenpool Post Office, please resend it, addressed to Mekko Productions, Inc or Joy Harjo. The postal workers were returning anything not so addressed.

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