Lost in Tulsa, Return to Iowa City, Thunderstorms and WSUI

7/8/04 4:45AM....the last rush of night walkers before dawn. To the airport by rental car with two suitcases, carry-on rolling backpack, guitar and saxophone. Dig for change for the Creek Turnpike then swooped around the city of lights. Do we always follow light instinctually?

First the morning star, a guide. Then the necklace of cars, trucks and semis. And workers headed out to service the goods, the customers. And then the all-nighter workers and revelers. They are all included in the song.

Then, lost for an hour and a half on the backroads around the airport after the airport exit is blocked. Progressively lost. I tell myself not to lose it, there's opportunity in this moment. I yell, then let it go, and eventually straggle into the airport, just making the flight. Now the sun blesses the earth. Wildflowers are the last thing I notice as the plane leaves the runway.

Outside Iowa City at dusk, after a potluck and good company with native U. of Iowa students and faculty. Two deer leap across the road. First one, then we pause for the other. A good sign.

7/9/04 This is the third day of CD's in hand.
10-11 WSUI Live at the Java House. Sang on the radio, fulfilling an old promise, built a ladder over my mother's and my fear. It was the music that did it, not this poor human. The most unique question ever asked by an interviewer: "Are you happy?".

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