Yesterday I testified in Warner's trial against UNM. My testimony was cut short because when asked why I left UNM and said "live sex show" the judge went furious. She called the counsel to the stand and disallowed any mention of it. That was the end of my testimony. After I testified I was allowed to stay in the courtroom for the rest of the day. Next was a student who had been harassed by the professor whose lying and abuse set this destruction in motion. She was brave. Then the former chair of the English Department, who had backed the abusive professor and was himself in the English Department because of sexual harassment in the Drama Department, testified. I had a visceral reaction in my body. We may settle accounts in our minds, but body knowledge also needs a doorway. The immensity of the loss for all of us washed through. I shook and sobbed quietly. He was caught in two lies on the stand, but the judge gave no warning about perjury. I saw the judge like an umpire, making calls. All the calls were in UNM's favor. The narrative of the story in the courtroom was broken, cut up by strategy and maneuvers. It was frustrating. Then the final witness of the day was L.C., the woman whose lies targeted Sharon Warner. She was the reason we were assembled that day, a waste of thousands of dollars of state and personal time and money. Her defense was to act like she didn't care, she didn't give a damn. She was not truthful. Sharon's attorney was able to reveal truths through questioning. When L.C. got up to leave at the end of her questioning, I stood up. I followed her out of the courtroom to confront her. I walked behind her four steps then stopped. I let her walk away. I felt sad, very sad. She was the shadow of the person I used to know. Her light was dimmed with her addiction. What damage we cause when we do not tend to the light within us. Please send prayers for everyone, including UNM who continues to stand on behalf of student abuse, against integrity.

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Mark Colby said...

Lots of feelings of sadness. I agree with you. Prayer for everybody sounds the best now.