MNN Column January 2012

It’s very early morning here in Oklahoma, still dark and quiet in the world. No buzz of what-I-have-to-do taking over the airwaves yet. The time of the dark is set aside for rest, for pondering and understanding. We all need to take our time in this place to remember who we are: a beloved people who are still walking through immense tests, individually and as a distinct nation.

January first marks the beginning of the New Year in the Gregorian calendar, a timekeeper we inherited from the Europeans. In this calendar we are at the beginning of the year, a time for evaluating where we’ve been, our failures and successes and for resolving changes. Most of us want to lose a few pounds. Some of us need to lose the extra person we’re carrying around. We all need to lose the weight of jealousy, unresolved grief that goes way back past our parents, grandparents, all the way back. We need to lose those patterns and habits that keep us from standing tall and breathing in the beautiful day so we can walk forward together and help each other with inspired thoughts and actions.

I like thinking of each dawn as the beginning of a new year. Then, I get a new start every morning. Each day then becomes a microcosm of each year. It’s not so overwhelming. For one day we can eat nourishing food, we can be nice to the person at work who always tests us, we can make that extra effort in all things, all thoughts, all actions. Then the string of days collects a shine and all things are possible.

When you wake up in the morning go outside. Turn to the East. East is the direction of beginnings. It is sunrise. When beloved Sun rises, it is an entrance, a door to fresh knowledge. Breath the light in. Call upon the assistance you need for the day. Give thanks.

When you go out you will see that the birds are out singing up the Sun. The plants too are turning in that direction.

And at dusk, as Sun leaves us, return to the station of remembering. When Sun leaves it makes a doorway. We have access to eternity. Breath out. Ask for forgiveness. Let all hurts and failures go. Let it all go.

The birds and animals turn inward and let go, as do the plants.
We are all in this ceremony together.

Another new beginning this morning is that of the new leadership. Tomorrow is the inauguration. It is therefore a sunrise point, and the beginning of a new path of meaning for the people. May we be guided by kindness, wisdom, and inspired knowledge. May leadership take great care of the resources of our people. Money, talents and knowledge are some of our collective resources.

“Everything matters”, said the brilliant jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. “Everything”.



b.marie said...

pure love. just beautiful.

b.marie said...

pure love. just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'd admire your writing very much.

A strange thing happened when I found my voice in my poetry. Many people who read or listen to me ask if I am part Native American because of the rhythm and feeling of my poems. Alas, it is an honor I do not have. Like your description of your memoir, I, too escaped the reality of abuse at home in writing and nature. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your very beautiful poetry, and for being a voice that I can relate to.