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This is the moment the baby, or, this site, takes its first breath. The New Moon is in Pisces. Because it's a new Moon the Sun is also in Pisces at thirteen degrees. In my energetic map, made when I took my first breath, this is on my North Node--in the Tenth House--a direction of becoming. My instincts, or what is familiar to run back toward the Fourth--which is home, ancestral burrowing. The Tenth is putting it out there. So, here it is. I have been pretty underground with my astrological study. Then Leslie Silko brought out her memoir, The Turquoise Ledge, last fall (available on Amazon.com) and in the Prologue announces me as a poet, AND an astrologer. Because of that--and other markers of momentum, I decided: it's time.

So here it is, a "coming out" of sorts--of this love I have for looking at energetic patterns and discerning from them. I have learned that the planets are beings. In my western education I learned that they were mere places. Planets, stars and other "heavenly" bodies have definite, distinct presences, attitude and react with each other, and us, in discernible manners. The Moon is case-in-point. Just ask anyone who works in a hospital or the police force about the Full Moon affect.

Please take a look around--and get ahold of me if you'd like some insight. You'll find quite a story.

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Meg said...

I am so curious and anxious to hear more about your studies in astrology! What a beautiful muse.