I want to thank everyone for all the radio and other references for getting my Winding Through the Milky Way out there. This help really matters.


Anonymous said...

Where is it then, every day you said? You are an amazing musician & Poet and thanks to Native Radio I found you and will be ordering your CD soon. May the spirits always be your friend and may your music & poetry live forever.

Therapeutic Messenger said...

Thank you for your presence, It is indeed inspiring: IE.
Your Essense
I am teased by your essence
Calling me in imagined anticipation of your presence
Memory lingering in me of your digital presence, Joys untold locked in my being, awaiting the keys of your virtual touch
Your smile touches me the way I imagine your touch might make me smile.
I reach within to touch the feel of your smile,
Longing all the while for the feel of your touch, be it virtual or real.
Gliding softly on clouds of passion, in my mind only, yet the possibility..........may be,
Quietly I bask in the warmth of passion for love shared,
The security of a soul we bear,
Each one to the other, the same yet another,
No thing hidden,
Yet untold discoveries await,
Captive in the soul we bear, each one a joyful event waiting to unfold.
Joyously I await...........

"N" there are the words you evoke.
bless your presence here on Mother's Breast.