Riffing on Miles Sketches of Spain in Stockholm

In this mid November in Stockholm it's dark at six p.m.. I just walked through cold rain on cobblestones in the Old City with Madeleine. We talked spirits, poetry and history. Now I'm packing in my hotel room, listening to Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain". And as I did the first time I heard it in that crummy cinderblock housing in Iowa City, I flew from the center cord of my heart into the weather of heartache and beauty. The architects of mythic structures were gods, not humans. Again I ride out on a sword-like chord, with a battalion of warriors on horses through the dark, led by fire. I consider turning back but the current of the soul's destiny is stronger than any human will. Here in this legendary city, I find a royal theater, musicians, poets, actors, the sun, and though I go with Miles Davis into the heart of Spain in this faraway place, I go through a dense, excruciating moment the color of this northern sea at night, alone.


afiori said...

I just sent you an e-mail via your website :)

Where I live it's dark at 4 p.m...

That's another reason why Sweden needs more Joy.

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SanlĂșcar said...


This is a Ph.D student from Spain.My name is Ana,Here I am enjoying with your blog and all the artistic manifestation "by Joy Harjo" that arrive to my hands, to my ears, to my eyes...to me... to my-self.

I was wondering if it would be possible to hear the musical piece by Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain"that you mention. I can offer you as gift to correspond to your kind help another piece of music.I don´t know if you are very fond of flamenco but I listen constantly to this music that I love.

So here we are

I am sorry for my poor English¡Thanks a lot!



Joy said...

Ana, You can find Sketches of Spain on iTunes.
I love flamenco so much it hurts and could disappear for awhile in that music.
Your English is much better than my Spanish.
Thanks for the download. I'll see if it works.