Hope-- an historic night in these lands

Obama Won!
He will need our help for the road out of the Bush ruin.
Let's dream together.

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Inspiring Newsletter said...

To the Flag-Waving, Right-Wing Americans

You were right, I was wrong to doubt you.
America can work! I owe you an apology.
I am now officially disenrolling from the Communist Party,
I am enrolling in the Birthday Party!

Holy shit, dude! HOLY SHIT!
We just elected a Black guy to be President!
We just elected a guy with the name Barack,
And the middle name too!
Dude, this really happened, it's not a TV show!
We just elected a SMART guy to be President!

This is a first not only in American history
But in the history of the world,
A member of the global oppressed was freely elected
Leader of the world, most powerful leader,
And he didn't get lynched, he didn't get shot, a meteor didn't strike him
While he stood on the stage to accept the victory,
We didn't need aliens to come down from heaven
And blast us with nuclear missiles to get this to happen,
We united ourselves, our base self-interests!
Democracy works! Human nature even works!
The Universe is working, the invention
Is finally working! Deep in the engines of the earth
Some damn gear has finally gotten engaged!

O, happy Obama Day!
Happy America Day!
Happy Human Day!

Joy to you, Joy Harjo, on this happy day. ...